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What’s the Point?

So your friends are at it, your Facebook friends are at it and even your parents are at it but what’s the point in getting outside?Picture There’s been a mini revolution occurring and it’s all taking place outside away from the computer, the tv and most importantly the sofa. Over the last few years the number of people getting outside has grown and to no surprise they’re loving it! The great outdoors is not a new concept, it hasn’t just been built on the new retail park it’s been there all this time. We just didn’t realise. ​For some the term get outside invokes thoughts of hanging off a cliff face by a rope or scaling a massive peak in the Himalayas but it doesn’t have to. The benefits of getting outside are often right outside your front door and all you have to do is open it.But where do I go, what should I do? The answer is simple, whatever you want and within your means. So perhaps Ben Nevis is a step to far for your first get outdoors fix but there’s bound to be local areas where you can experience a glimpse of what’s on offer. The local nature reserve, country park, local canal or even taking the dog for a longer walk than usual can be a great start. No doubt wondering round your local area you’ll see and experience things like never before no matter how long you’ve lived there. What’s best is, if you carry a snack or packed lunch and some water it’s absolutely free.


But why bother, it’s such an effort I hear you say. Well surprisingly it’s not. The positives of the outdoors definitely outweigh the negatives, just give it a go and see for yourself. I’m no doctor but statistically speaking getting outdoors reduces stress and anxiety levels, improves fitness all while taking your mind of the mundane day to day. You’ll come home feeling energised, with a sense of achievement and will most definitely want more.After your first trip into the great outdoors you’ll soon be planning your second, third and so on. Don’t be afraid to ask for professional help if wanting to plan a bigger adventure, we were all inexperienced at one point and a little help and support could catapult your local outdoor adventures into epic treks across the globe, if that’s your kind of thing.


Don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself. Start small. Start close to home ​
Just Start!
Happy Adventures.