Climbing Ben Nevis

The Highest Mountain In Scotland And Part Of The National Three Peaks Challenge

Price From:


Time To Complete Challenge:

24 Hours


1 Night Included

Ben Nevis Overview

Ben Nevis is often chosen by many hikers as the starting point for the National three peaks challenge. It is the largest peak out of the three and attempting the climb with fresh legs is recommended. 

  • Height: 1,345 m or 4,413 ft
  • Average Return Time: 5-6 hours
  • Difficulty: The hardest climb of the National 3 Peaks
  • Route: Mountain Track (also known as the Tourist Track)

Climb Ben Nevis as part of the National Three Peaks Challenge

Ben Nevis Weather

Always check the weather conditions before making any attempt to complete the 3 peaks challenge. Ben Nevis can often be impassable due to snow. 

Climbing Ben Nevis between June and September will provide your best chance to avoid the chance of extreme weather conditions and snow disrupting your challenge. 

Check the Met Office weather forecast for Ben Nevis here.

Ben Nevis Route Map

The starting point for Ben Nevis is the Visitors Centre where you can receive up to date information on the conditions at the summit of Ben Nevis. The route used to climb Ben Nevis is the Mountain Track. This is the best route for summiting Ben Nevis without the need for climbing equipment or extensive previous mountaineering experience. The Mountain Track might be the easiest route up Ben Nevis, but it is still a challenging ascent. 

You will climb all the mountains of the National 3 Peaks Challenge with our qualified and first aid trained UK mountain leaders to ensure that not only do you complete each summit, but you also stay safe during the climb.

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